CAIOLA Real Estate Group

Founded in 1974 by the late Benny Caiola, CAIOLA Real Estate Group is and has always been a family-owned business focused on building, managing, and investing in prime New York City residential and commercial properties. Since its inception, The company's real estate development and transaction activity has been driven by Benny’s straight-forward business model of building and operating well-located apartments that provide residents with a superior quality of life and offer the highest level of management services.

The company is now operated by Benny’s sons, Alfred and Luigi Caiola, who have each taken a hands-on approach to development and management throughout their many years working for the company. Alfred and Luigi bring unique perspectives to their leadership roles at the company, as they have both been involved in real estate across the spectrum – from construction, through property and asset management, to project finance.

The company is known and trusted for its record of exceptional service, responsiveness and an emphasis on transparency. The company has continuously proven its ability to navigate changing market conditions and living trends, consistently adapting in a way that has ensured the success of its business.

Over the past several years, the company has focused on reassessing, modernizing, and refining its business strategies, providing expanded third-party property and asset management services rooted in technology and transparency. The company is also bolstering its commercial portfolio, and is actively seeking new opportunities in the commercial sector. 


Mission & Values

efficiency Efficiency CAIOLA strives for efficiency by streamlining the process from our tenant move-in to rehabbing the apartments.
Partnership Partnership CAIOLA works with hundreds of in house consultants and contractors, building a long-lasting partnership. We encourage our teams to work together
Approach Approach CAIOLA takes an wholistic approach to managing their properties with everything in house from construction to leasing.
Responsibility Responsibility CAIOLA recognizes and accepts the fiduciary responsibility entrusted to us by our clients.
Responsibility Value Creation CAIOLA creates value by selecting the right tenants for our properties and maintaining our properties to the highest standards of quality.